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15 August, 2011

UBS review: Shake Rattle & Read Book Box

I'm actually taking a cue from one of Morsie's recent posts over on Morsie Reads. She posted about one of the used book stores that she and her husband visited recently. I just found some gems at the used book store by my work and thought that I too would post something about it.

Name of Store: Shake Rattle & Read Book Box.
Location: 4812 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 334-5311
Hours: Mon-Sat 12 pm - 6 pm
Sun 12 pm - 5 pm

This store is a small storefront located next to the sadly closed Uptown Theater in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. The store carries music in the forms of LP's, CD's, and even cassette tapes. There is a small selection of used DVDs, and vintage magazines of all sort of subjects. Then there are the books...

The store is narrow but deep with shelves running up to the ceiling. Books are organized by section, and range from hardcovers to battered and well loved paperbacks. Each section is loosely organized alphabetically, but sometimes books are not where you think they might be. So, it is a browser's heaven of a store.

I've rarely gone in and not left with out a book. The stock rotates rather quickly getting new books on the shelves weekly, and the owner has recently added a new to the store table at the front with the newest selections stacked for people to browse through. The owner is really laid back, enjoys talking to the customers and openly invites patrons to e-mail him if there are particular titles that they are looking for.

Prices for books range from the $1 shelf to half off the cover price. Books in better condition, or some older books are bagged and priced. Sometimes this works out to the half the cover price, but in some cases (usually trade paperbacks or more collectible books) the price is a set one a slight bit higher than that half cover price. The owner also puts a free box outside most days, and I have found some great science fiction and fantasy books in there recently.

Shake Rattle & Read is a store I go to first when looking for more obscure authors. I've found some gems there and have had fantastic luck picking up hardcovers of series such as the Diskworld books for reasonable prices. If you happen to be in the uptown area when they are open and have time to look around I highly suggest it.

It isn't a store that invites sitting and reading, but it is a great place to browse. The shelves are packed with books in a range of subjects and genres.

There is a lovely interview with the owner over at The Gaper's Block from earlier this year.