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09 April, 2007

another wow

ms Breeni let me know of another fantastic response to a book I've reviewed.

this one is for the Healthiest Kid review

04 April, 2007

A lovely Author Thank You

I received an amazing note from the author, and am including it here after prompting by Susan :)

Thank you much for the wonderful review you did for my novel "Flight of the
Goose". It was heartwarming and gratifying as the author to have been read
so closely and with such understanding. I loved that you put focus on the
book's subtheme of war and the draft, the loss the brother to war, etc. This
is unusual (most reviews were written at least a year ago, and focus
exclusively on the "exotica" of Inupiat culture or the Alaskan wilderness).
Maybe it is reflection of our times as our war escalates, and the public
tide has turned. Or maybe you are just a more careful reader and reviewer.
I also appreciate how the birdman was given some space in your review. He
usually is quite neglected, but he was important to me.

Lesley Thomas

03 April, 2007

spring reading challange update

It is always nice to get a package unexpectedly in the mail :)

Due to Random House's generosity, I have a second copy of Sister Mine to use for a contest prize sometime in the future. Look for a review in the next few weeks.

Well, it will be two weeks tommorrow since the start of the Spring Reading Thing challange. So far I have finished twelve of my twenty books listed (seven of which were in the first weekend alone!). I'm working on two more and looking forwards to the others on the list. If I finish this list by the end of the challange, I'll have read most of my outstanding TBR pile that didn't get mixed up into the PC and stored up.

It will be a change of pace for me. I feel bad that I won't get to the older books traded through bookcrossing until we get bookshelves built and books out of storage. But what can I do? I can't exactly get to most of them right now.

I have noticed that the tote I keep the available books in once they are read has gotten a bit packed. So, feel free to take a look at it and let me know if you would like to read any of them :) (just keep in mind any titles with a parenthasis around a name by the status I don't have in my possesion anymore)

I have a feeling the leave a book/take a book shelf at the local coffee shop, and possible the metra station (if I can get over there when the waiting room is open), will get some books added to them as well in the near future.