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01 October, 2016

Award winning SFF reading challenge

Shaunesay at The Space Between is hosting a reading challenge to read science fiction and fantasy award winning books. I plan on taking part in this challenge. I am not sure what books I will read yet. I am currently looking at award lists and seeing if any of my TBR pile are included on any of them.  Elengil and I recently started the Chronicals of Amber series by Roger Zelazny as six of the books in the series are award winners I am listing them on my award winning books to be read list.

Books to read:

Books finished reading:

10/1/2016 Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelanzy - Mythopoic Fantasy Award (1971). I started this challenge a little early unknowingly. A few days ago, Elengil and I started listening to this during our evening commute home. We finished it early today and are continuing the series. 

10/1/2016 The Guns of Avalon by Roger Zelazny - Mythopoic Fantasy Award (1973). This is book two in the Chronicles of Amber series. Just as fantastic as book 1, we learn more about the magic and the warring factions of the family members wanting to claim the throne. 

10/7/2016The Hand of Oberon by Roger Zelazny - Locus Award for Best Novel (1977) This part of the story had the feel of a Greek tragedy. At one point E turned to me and said that he thought one of the characters would end up being Corwin's father in disguise. He felt the story was taking the narrative of the king wants to figure out which of his children is the best choice for succeeding him by befriending him while in disguise.  We start to see how Corwin's experiences and long stay on the Shadow Earth have changed him as a person. The more he remembers of his past life as a prince of Amber the more he disagrees with some of his past actions and decisions. 

10/9/2016The Courts of Chaos by Roger Zelazny Locus Award for Best Novel (1979) This is the fifth book in the Chronicals of Amber and the last of the Corwin arc. The conclusion includes a war between Amber and Chaos which has been building throughout the prior books. It ended in a way that felt like a cliffhanger even though I know that the series continues with a new narrator.

10/11/2016 - Trumps of Doom by Roger Zelazny - Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (1986) - The Trumps of Doom is the sixth book in the Chronicles of Amber. It is also the first book in the Merlin cycle. Narrated by Merlin, son of Corwin who has been raised in the courts of Chaos as well as Amber. Merlin is now living in San Francisco in the shadow Earth his father had called home, and every year on April 30 someone tried to kill him. This time his girlfriend Julia ends up dead and her death, along with a pack of strange trump cards sends him into Shadow and ultimately Amber trying to track down the person responsible.

10/21/2016 - Sign of Chaos - by Roger Zelazny Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (1988) This is book 8 of the Chronicles of Amber. Merle has been perused through shadow by unknown enemies. He is trapped in an Alice in Wonderland world - a bar with the Mad Hatter serving and the Cheshire Cat grinning malevolently. In a dramatic escape from a monstrous Jabberwock, Merle embarks upon a fantastic adventure, leading him back to the Court of Amber and finally to a confrontation at the Keep of Four Worlds. At the keep he learns some secrets that point him back towards the courts of Chaos and his destiny.