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04 April, 2007

A lovely Author Thank You

I received an amazing note from the author, and am including it here after prompting by Susan :)

Thank you much for the wonderful review you did for my novel "Flight of the
Goose". It was heartwarming and gratifying as the author to have been read
so closely and with such understanding. I loved that you put focus on the
book's subtheme of war and the draft, the loss the brother to war, etc. This
is unusual (most reviews were written at least a year ago, and focus
exclusively on the "exotica" of Inupiat culture or the Alaskan wilderness).
Maybe it is reflection of our times as our war escalates, and the public
tide has turned. Or maybe you are just a more careful reader and reviewer.
I also appreciate how the birdman was given some space in your review. He
usually is quite neglected, but he was important to me.

Lesley Thomas


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That really is lovely!

nimrodiel said...

I think it is one of my favorite author responses so far.