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16 January, 2007

mini-series alert

I had the fun of reading this morning that the Sci-Fi channel will be making and airing a miniseries of Neil Stephenson's The Diamond Age Hopefully it will be better than their mini attempts at Dune by Frank Herbert and Earthsea by Ursala K. LeGuin.

Yes, I was not a fan of their Dune mini (though I seem to be in the minority it seems at times). It felt at times like they both followed the book and were trying to one up David Lynch's movie version. Plus, the Children of Dune mini totally mis-interpreted a few of the charecters, Aliah is the biggest one.

I just saw the Earthsea mini finally (it was announced to be airing right when we stopped getting cable), and while it wasn't bad per say, it felt really rushed and I disliked how they combined/changed the first two books in the series. I had high hopes for it, and was let down.

Hopefully with the author involved in the process of creating it. This newly announced mini-series will be much better.

Or am I expecting too much?

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