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14 February, 2007

some neat Author news - Peter S. Beagle

Peter S. Beagle was never paid for his work for the adaptation of The Last Unicorn.
Certainly, he was never paid for that claptrap crummy dvd that came out a few years back.

So now that a beautifully, carefully done dvd has been released, the small press with which he is associated decided to invest in a shipment and retail sell autographed copies.
They were hoping to sell a few hundred and make Mr.Beagle, who lives as hand to mouth as many less popular writers, a little money off his own work.

Within the first week they had over 1,600 orders.

Conlan Press is still taking orders, with apologizes for the delay in shipping-- Mr.Beagle's hand has been getting tired.

If you do feel like ordering a copy of the dvd for your collection I would suggest buying it through Conlan Press for either an autographed or non autographed version since the author actually sees some money from the sale.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

COOL. Glad to see someone doing the right thing for a change, instead of feeding the bottom line.

nimrodiel said...

I squeed when I saw this...

I'm such a fan girl sometimes, but this movie and I have history. It is the first film I remember seeing in the theater with my parents in more than flashes (like leaving ET sobbing, or being grossed out by the ear worms in Wrath of Khan enough to stop jabbring at the poor guy next to us in the theater.), and the last film we saw in our neighborhood theater before they split it up into multiple screens.

pussreboots said...

I second the squee.