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22 June, 2007

Book Review: Dumplings are Delicious by Deb Capone

Reviewed for Front Street Reviews

In Dumplings are Delicious, we meet up with Rain and her stuffed friend Bo, the Heirloom Hippopotamus. Rain is a girl from China, who has recently been adopted by an American couple. She and her mom have learned how to make jiặozi, a type of Chinese dumpling. One day at school during lunch time Rain and her friends start talking about the different types of dumplings that they and their families make and eat. This leads to her class having a day dedicated to trying new types of dumplings and learning about the countries that they come from.

Dumplings are Delicious is the third book by Deb Capone. We are reintroduced to the main character. The book is aimed to introduce young readers to the ideas of new foods and different cultures. The story focuses on one type of food, which has similar incarnations in many different cultures. I loved how the story shows Rain and her friends all enjoying the dumplings that they eat regularly. Older readers will learn how to pronounce the names of the different dumpling types, as well as where they come from around the world.

Stan Jaskiel’s illustrations make the story come alive. They make use of bright colors and shapes to illustrate Rain’s day at school. The images used are cartoon like but not un-lifelike. Younger readers will enjoy looking at the illustrations and trying to find Bo as he peeks into each picture.

As Simple as That books share the same similar ideal. They are all aimed at teaching children about different cultures and how to respect one another. Currently, all the books published by the author follow Rain and her life and discoveries in her new American family.

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