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02 January, 2012

2012 plans

On one of the other forums I read we've been talking about what series we want to keep up with in 2012, what our reading goals are for the year and such. I thought I would share my goals for 2012.

* Read 150 books - this is less than what I read in 2011 but I have a very intense course load this spring.
* Take more advantage of the nook. With the longer commute I see more ebooks and audiobooks in my future.
* Continue to read down the tbr pile of bookcrossing books from past trades.
* balance the bookcrossing books I read with my regular TBR pile.
* Start writing reviews again. - I miss the critical writing these made me do.
* post here once a week or more
* Wild release 1-2 books a week

* Start the Culture series that Elengil has been raving about.

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