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02 March, 2012

Book Review: What The Librarian Did by Karina Bliss

When Rachel meets Devin she has no idea who he is. She develops a friendship with him that quickly becomes more as mutual attraction flares between both adults. However, Devin's friendship and mentor ship of young musician and fellow student Mark threatens to keep the two possible lovers apart.

Mark confides to Devin that he is looking for his birth mother, whom he has never seen but knows works at the Aukland University. He only knows she was a teenager when she put him up for adoption, and wants to show her how being abandoned feels. To find out why she gave him away and in revenge make her feel the conflict he has felt since he discovered he was adopted.

Cautious librarian Rachel's past holds a huge secret that has defined her life for seventeen years. As a teen she made a decision to give up the child from a teen pregnancy. At the start of the school term she sees Mark and recognizes him for who he really is. When her friendship with Devin becomes more than just a casual acquaintanceship she is torn with sharing with him. Because she knows the knowledge will change the relationships she is forming with both Mark and Devin as well as strain Devin's friendship with Mark.

Can she learn to cope with her growing attraction to "bad boy" Devin? Will she find a way to introduce who she really is to Mark without alienating him?

I received this from Shaunesay a few days ago. I actually read this during commute time and finished it this afternoon. It was a fun read. However, there were things included to I'm guessing broaden the characters that were introduced but then never explored. It left the characters a bit flat and not as fully rounded out as they could have been. I'm guessing this was due to the length as it was a fairly short book.

But that aside, I loved the three main characters, Mark - fresh at college trying to find his birth mother for possibly wrong reasons. Devin Freedman retired superstar musician who is starting school in an attempt to change his life, and leave the rock and roll lifestyle behind, and Rachel Robinson a campus librarian with a pension for vintage clothing.

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