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02 July, 2012

Books Wild Released in June 2012

1.) Calypso's Island (Harlequin Presents, No 18*) by Rosalie Ash on 6/4/2012
2.) Daddy's Little Matchmaker (Harlequin American Romance) by Nikki Rivers on 6/4/2012
3.) A Ghostly Affair (Harlequin American Romance, No. 488) by Charlotte Maclay on 6/4/2012
4.) The Magic of Krynn (DragonLance Tales, Book 1) by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman on 6/5/2012
5.) Marry Me, Cowboy by Janet Dailey, Margaret Way, Susan Fox, Anne McAllister on 6/13/2012
6.) Sleeping Partners (Harlequin Presents) by Charlotte Lamb on 6/13/2012
7.) Valentine Bachelors by Elisa Title, Pamela Bauer, Tiffany White on 6/13/2012
8.) Through Violet Eyes by Stephen Woodworth on 6/14/2012
9.) With Red Hands by Stephen Woodworth on 6/14/2012
10) Black Beauty by Anna Sewell on 6/18/2012
11) Black Beauty by Anna Sewell on 6/18/2012
12) Black Beauty by Anna Sewell on 6/18/2012
13) Erath Grosser Als Des Menschen Herz by Vom Wahren Leben on 6/20/2012
14) Black Cherry Blues: A Dave Robicheaux Novel by James Lee Burke on 6/20/2012
15) J is for Judgment by Sue Grafton on 6/20/2012
16) Heartstone by Phillip M. Margolin on 6/20/2012
17) Unplanned Parenthood: The Confessions of a Seventy-something Surrogate Mother by Liz Carpenter on 6/20/2012
18) The environmental handbook by Garrett De Bell on 6/20/2012
19) Island Turmoil (Harlequin Presents) by Annabel Murray on 6/20/2012
20) Is Salami and Eggs Better Than Sex? Memoirs of a Happy Eater by Alan King, Mimi Sheraton on 620/2012
21) Happy New Year Darling (American Romance) by Margaret St George on 6/20/2012
22) Midwest Gardens by Pamela Wolfe on 6/26/2012
23) The Emerald Atlas (Books of Beginning) by John Stephens on 6/26/2012
24) Lady Chatterley's Lover by D. H. Lawrence on 6/27/2012
25.) Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne on 6/29/2012

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