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21 July, 2016

Book Squee! Collectors edition of Terry Pratchet';s Mort

Yesterday I was surprised by a gift of a book. This was a collectors edition copy of Mort by Terry Pratchet. 

I have to say it is absolutely stunning and wanted to share it with those of you reading. 

It came in a black cardboard slipcover with an image of Mort printed in silver on it. 

When you turn the slipcover up to stand the way it would on the shelf you see the black and silver spine of the book. 

The book itself is covered in a black velvet. There is a black and white illustration of Mort on Death's horse Binky. 

The book also includes seven color illustrations inside by artist Omar Rayyan. I want to share one of my favorites

Death goes fishing. 

The Death story arc of the Diskworld books are among my favorites from the massive Diskworld series.  I got hooked into Diskworld well into its conception when a good friend loaned me her Legends short story collection which included a Granny Weatherwax short story. I have since read almost every book released via library copies and have been working on collecting hardcovers of the older books for the last few years. 

This is an amazing edition. I look forwards to reading it and revisiting a well loved character. 

This collectors edition can be purchased from  The Folio Society. This is the standard edition of the book. 

There was also a limited edition leather bound edition printed which sold out in 13 hours when it was announced for sale on the website. I was drooling when I saw that in the announcement email the folio society sent out, I wasn't the only one either :)


Pan Alchemist said...

I am really so very, very, very jealous. That looks stunning!

nimrodiel said...

This is the third book I've seen from The Folio Society's collections. They do put out stunning work. It's taking all my willpower to finish the book I'm currently reading and not dive into this one right away.