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12 April, 2012

Celebrating the release of King Trevor by Susan Helen Gottfried

One of my good online friends is a writer. We met through bookcrossing, and the now defunct book relay site. We've traded opinions on books over the years, chatted on forums,and reviewed books for Front Street Reviews.

A few years back Susan started to post outtakes on her blog from the world she had created for her then looking to be published novel. When we her readers clamored for more she jumped on the self-publishing bandwagon and put out three volumes collecting the outtakes by year called The Demo Tapes. Shortly before the third demo tapes book came out she published her novel Trevor's Song. I read this last year and have yet to add a review here as I've been struggling to write it without revealing too much. It had a powerful story, and a very sudden ending leaving me wanting more.

Today, I get more of Trevor's story. Today the sequel King Trevor is being released.

In celebration, I have a book giveaway. One person will get signed copies of the Demo Tapes years 1,2, & 3 as well as Trevor's Song.

Two other people will get a copy of a book Susan recommended to me in the past that I found amazing.

I have One copy of Snow flower and the Secret Fan and 1 copy of Cowboys are my Only Weakness to pass along.

Leave your name a way to contact you and a way music has touched your life. I'll draw winners on Monday 16 April 2012

Swing by her blog over at West of Mars to see what Susan has in store for everyone on her release date, and to congratulate her on the new book and a happy birthday!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, babe! Thanks for joining the birthday celebration!! I appreciate it!

I'm curious what book I recommended in the past that you found to be amazing...

nimrodiel said...

Well the two I have here are Cowboys are My Only Weakness and Snowflower and the Secret Fan :)

I'm actually re-reading Snowflower atm.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ooh, yeah. Both are great books, but I'd pick Cowboys over Snowflower any day. That book spoke to me in amazing, brilliant ways.