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29 April, 2012

World Book Night 2012 Recap.

My original idea was to try and pass out my copies of The Book Thief at the Skokie Holocaust Museum. Which is a fantastic place with the mission of informing and remembering what happened during WWII to the Jewish people. However due to logistics issues it ended up not happening.

Then I ended up with a crazy hectic day, and between school work, classes and more end o the term schoolwork didn't have much free time to go someplace and hand out books.

So, being a bookcrosser and being used to wild releasing books I threw my copies into my bag and took them with me. In the early morning while working at a computer lab before class, I left five copies of the book on free paper racks in the hallway. Since my computer was right across from where the books were, I got to see people picking up the books to see what they were, I witnessed several get picked up (and the exited response by one of the finders). I left five more copies at the Skokie campus of Oakton Community College later that afternoon, and was able to hand a copy off to an interested person walking out from the cafeteria. I left three more copies on a ledge in the front window of the place I stopped for lunch as you entered(all of which were gone by the time I finished eating). And finally left my last four books in various parts of the hospital nearby (one in the professional building, One on a bench in the hall to the cafeteria, and two in the ER waiting room). I have also passed along my last three copies by hand through people I know.

It was a fun day. I was surprised at how quickly the books were picked up - It was either the eye catching green "pick me up!" notes I put on the covers or the striking cover image for the books themselves. Hopefully World Book Night will continue to occur here in the USA. I would love to hand books out again, and do it in person next time.

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